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About Us:

G.r.e is a company specializing in real estate development and entrepreneurship in Greece.

Project developing, lucrative investments, hotels, villas, apartments, complexes, private land, private islands, and business development are just a small part of what our company has to offer – while listening to our client’s wishes and desires.

Our team includes the most professionals and experienced in the industry.

G-R-E is a member of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce and contributes to strengthening the trade relations between the countries with the highest rank officials in the Greek economy, including government ministers.

We have extensive experience working with the planning and construction authorities in Greece, combined with the best professionals in the market.

Our company offers its customers the best and most relevant opportunities in the real estate market.

A properties bank of over two thousand properties across Greece focused on the most evolving and highest-potential locations.

The company offers its clients joint investment options and a “One-stop-shop” from A to Z.

Our Services:

G.R.E experts will accompany you through the entire process.

Realtors, lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, insurance and management companies will provide all your needs throughout planning a project, before and after purchase and will make sure that you will make the best decisions for you.

Why Us?​

G.R.E is the oldest company in Israel, active since 2006, establishing projects in Greece.

Our team combines experts from both Israel and Greece and with their help you can successfully achieve your goals.

Under G.R.E company you will find a tourism division that sends over 5000 tourists every year to Greece and helps our clientele with renting their properties.

All managed under one roof.

On our company flag adorned values such as professionalism, listening, trust, thinking ability, experience and vast connections with all the required professionals.

The company gives personal treatment to each and every one of its clients.

Close accompanying and wise service with all regarding buying a real estate property in Greece.

Members of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce

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Financing to buy property in Greece.

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Project of the company

3 beachfront villas facing the sea, in Amusu Bay, Lefkada, Greece.

 The final product:

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Financing to buy property in Greece under favorable conditions.

Financing to buy property under favorable conditions, in coordination with all banks

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