Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Greece Real Estate Ltd.
General Terms & Conditions

This document provides the terms and conditions applicable to clients entering into an agreement with Greece Real

Estate Ltd. (the “Company”) or ordering services from the Company for the finding of properties in Lefkada, Epirus

and/or Greece (the “Client”).

1. Definitions

The following terms shall have the meaning specified herein:

1.1 The “Parties” – the Client and Company together.
1.2 The “Properties” – residential properties, commercial properties and/or lands in Lefkada, Epirus or Greece,

offered by Company to Client.

1.3 The “Services” – the services stipulated herein, as updated by Company from time to time.
1.4 The “Rights Owner” – the owner and/or holder and/or legal proxy of the Properties in which Client has


2. Client’s Undertakings

Client hereby declares, confirms and undertakes as follows:

2.1 It is interested in receiving the Services from Company for the consideration agreed upon between the

Parties which is payable as specified below and that it has the resources and ability to comply with its

undertakings, including payment of the consideration.
2.2 There is no limitation, prohibition or restriction, whether by law or by contract, to its entering into an

agreement with Company and/or complying with its undertakings.
2.3 It received from Company all information requested with respect to the Properties to its satisfaction.
2.4 It will read thoroughly, itself or by its advisors, the purchase agreement of a Property and/or any

ancillary document relating to the Property and/or the sale thereof, including, but not limited to, architectural

plans, sketches, building plans, land registration certificates or extracts, technical specifications, if any, and

any other documents relevant to the purchase of a Property (together, the “Documents”). Client hereby waives any

requests and/or demands and/or claims against the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf with respect to any of

the Documents and/or the Services and/or its undertakings, as specified herein.
2.5 It is aware of the fact that Company has entered into agreements with subcontractors in order to provide

the Services and that it might be required to enter into separate agreements with such subcontractors directly and

that Company is not and shall not be regarded as responsible for the actions and/or omissions of such

2.6 It has not received from Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf any undertaking and/or guarantee of any

potential profits generating from the purchase of a property or the sale or rental thereof or otherwise and it does

not have and shall not have any requests and/or demands and/or claims against the Company and/or anyone acting on

its behalf with respect to the profitability of an investment in a property and/or the price of such property.
2.7 The information provided by Company does not amount to a representation of Company and/or anyone acting on

its behalf. The information provided by Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf is provided by the Rights Owners

and/or subcontractors. Company is a marketing company and shall bear no responsibility or liability with respect to

the representations of the Right Owners and/or subcontractors.
2.8 It wishes to purchase a property suitable for its needs and purposes with which Company is not acquainted

and are not Company’s expertise. Company provides no legal and/or tax and/or any other consultancy services to

Client who is free to use its own consultants for the examination and review of the purchase, the Documents and

potential transaction.

3. The Consideration

3.1 For the Services provided by Company, Client shall provide Company with consideration as agreed upon

between the Parties (the “Consideration”).
3.2 Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the Services provided by Company do not include

payment of tolls and/or expenses and/or tax and/or any payment to local authorities and/or payment to

subcontractors and/or consultants, including, lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, managerial services etc.

3.3 Payment of the Consideration shall be due in full upon the execution of an agreement and/or MOU (the

earlier) for the sale of a Property between Client and a Rights Owner and shall form a percentage of the price of

the Property, as agreed upon between the Parties.
3.4 Payment shall be made by wire transfer to the bank account which details are provided to Client in writing

or by a bankers check for the benefit of Company.
3.5 Company shall not be liable for the payment of any tax or other payments which Client is liable for and

shall reduce from the consideration any taxes and related costs that must be deducted at source according to

applicable law.
3.6 For the avoidance of any doubt, the Consideration forms the final, exhaustive and total consideration to

which Company is entitled for the Services. Company shall not be entitled to any other payment, expenses’ return or

any other fee or right with respect to the Services, unless agreed otherwise between the Parties in writing.

4. Exclusivity and Non-Compete

Client provides Company with a 12-month exclusivity period for the purpose of finding properties for Client in

Lefkada, Epirus and/or Greece and for the provision of the Services.

5. Independent Contractor

It is hereby agreed and declared that the Parties do not intend to create employer-employee relations, partnership

or agency relations between them.

6. Liability

6.1 it is hereby clarified and agreed upon that Company shall bear no liability of any kind for bodily injury

and/or loss and/or damage of any kind or sort (including, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive,

or exemplary damages under any legal theory whatsoever) caused to Client and/or anyone acting on its behalf with

respect to the Services. For the avoidance of any doubt, Company bears no liability for the actions or omissions of

any of the subcontractors employed or hired by it.
6.2 Client agrees and undertakes to compensate and indemnify Company immediately upon receipt of its first

request, against any claim, demand, damage, loss or cost caused to Company in relation to any action or omission of

Client and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any matter for which liability, according to these general terms

and conditions or the law, is attributed to Client.

7. Non – Disclosure

The Parties undertake to keep confidential any information received directly or indirectly with respect to Company

and/or Client. The aforesaid shall not apply to information which is public knowledge, provided it did not become

public knowledge due to an act or omission of one of the Parties, and information which one of the Parties is

legally required to provide.

Should Client and/or anyone acting on its behalf provide information to a third party in a manner causing loss of

exclusivity, Company shall be entitled to demand from Client remuneration for the loss of profit with respect to

such Properties.

8. General

8.1 Each of the Parties undertakes to act honestly and fairly towards the other and not to perform any act

which might harm the other party’s reputation or businesses.
8.2 This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the Laws of the State of Israel. Any

controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or any breach hereof, shall be submitted to the

exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Tel Aviv Israel.
8.3 All communications between the Parties shall be in writing if sent by facsimile, the receipt of which is

confirmed by return facsimile, or if delivered personally with receipt acknowledged, or sent by registered or

certified mail or equivalent and shall be deemed duly delivered within 72 hours.

The Services
Company provides clients interested in purchasing properties in Lefkada, Epirus and/or Greece with services which

include accompanying the clients in the location and choice of a suitable property, purchase of a property,

renovation of a property and/or construction of a property.

Services provided by Company which are included in the consideration are:
Finding a property Company assists clients in finding properties in Lefkada, Epirus and/or Greece, including:
• Examination of a property and its suitability to the needs and purposes of Client, according to its

• Finding a local surveyor who will measure the property or the architectural plans (if already built);
• Examination of a property and receipt of approvals from local authorities of the borders of the property

and any restrictions imposed on it;
• Receipt of signed approval from neighbors, if required;
• Finding a local law office to perform a local review of the property including historical investigation of

any past liens, mortgages or any third party right;
• Negotiating the transaction with the property owners.
Architecture Company offers its clients assistance in finding a local architect for interior design or planning

of a new property.
Greek local authorities Working with the various local authorities in Greece, including, tax, construction, forest,

local authorities, etc. for the avoidance of doubt, Company is not responsible for the grant of any required

approvals and/or performance of registrations and shall only assist in obtaining them.
Construction Company offers its clients holding a bid through which a contractor and/or engineer be chosen for

the construction of a new property and/or renovation of an existing one. For the avoidance of doubt, any agreement

with a contractor and/or engineer shall be made directly by the client who shall also bear all costs thereof.
Accounting Company offers its clients assistance with the following:
• Opening a bank account in Greece;
• Acquaintance with a local accountant.
For the avoidance of doubt, all costs of opening a bank account and/or entering an agreement with a local

accountant shall be borne by the client.

Additional services offered by Company for an additional cost:
Legal Services Company works with a local law office in Greece as well as with Israeli lawyers who can provide

legal assistance to clients.
Registration of the Property Company offers its clients a service for the registration of the property on the

name of the purchaser, including:
• Receipt of a number at the Greek land registry;
• Opening a file with local tax authorities in Greece.
Registration of residency If so required, Company shall provide clients with assistance in registration as

local residents, including:
• Assistance with registration as resident in Greece;
• Filling all forms required for receipt of health services number, as required in Greece.
Taxation Company provides clients with services for the payment of all taxes payable when purchasing a

property in Greece and the registration thereof. For the avoidance of doubt, Company does not provide any

international tax advise and any tax payable is due and payable by clients only. This service is conditioned on

full cooperation of the client in providing Company with all necessary forms and execution thereof.
Business Advise Company provides clients with business advise with respect to marketing and managing their

property, including:
• Assistance with the preparation of an annual business plan;
• Assistance with the formation of a company;
• Connection to a local management company should client wish to rent the property;
• Preparation of marketing data;
• Marketing of properties to potential buyers or leases;
• Assistance in finding a local insurance company.
For the avoidance of doubt, such services shall be provided for an additional payment, as shall be agreed between

the parties.
Management Company offers clients management of the property purchased, including, rentals and ongoing

maintenance. For the avoidance of doubt, the agreement with the local management company and payment thereto shall

be made directly by client.